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Objectives - Cultural Tours and Excursions


To Create an atmosphere of human contact, friendship, relationship, racial harmony and understandingTo introduce Foreign visitors to the Tanzanian rural life, local foods, drinks and dances.

To extend the Traditional Tour Routes to villagers and homes

To introduce Foreign visitors to the living standards of ordinary Tanzanians in the rural areas.

To introduce foreign visitors to the rural development in health, education and economy.

To introduce visitors to the dietary systems of ordinary Tanzanians.

To introduce visitors to the cultures and habits of rural Tanzanians e.g. dances, marriage and burial rituals, ancient religious customs.

To introduce visitors to hitherto untapped local tourist attractions and myths.

To introduce visitors to agricultural farms, industries and import/export institutions.

To introduce Religious visitors to various local religious institutions.

To introduce visitors to the beautiful Mountains, ecology, vegetation, landscape and the historical Rift Valley.

To introduce visitors to unabated Environmental destructions obtaining in rural areas.

To introduce the visitors to the various tribes and their customs

To provide and introduce a quiet and relaxed holiday recreation to visitors in the form, fishing, jogging, cycling, picnic, local canoes and bush walking safaris.

To introduce visitors to the Rural African Life experience by staying in villages and homes for specified days and nights, joining in all the family chores e. g. tilling the land, fetching water and firewood , looking after cattle , cooking e.t.c.

We open the door for researchers, Scholars and Environmental Protection Activities for in the region.

To expose and pinpoint the real needs of the people in the rural areas at the grass root level.

To involve the rural people in tourism commercially.


To provide adventurous and exciting holiday to youngsters.

To provide a chance to Students/ Pupils to ascertain and learn more about their Geography and History by visiting geographical sites

To provide University/College Students an opportunity to undertake Research Projects in the Tropical Region

To provide an opportunity to Students to participate in School renovation Projects in the Tropics while interacting with Pupils.

To provide Students with Budget combined Wildlife, Cultural/Projects and Trekking Itineraries


To introduce Religious Tourists to the local Parishes and sub- Parishes.

To provide Religious tourists a chance to worship while in Tanzania on organized tours.

To provide a chance to tourist preachers to preach while in Tanzania.

To introduce religious tourists to fellow worshippers while in Tanzania.

To introduce the religious tourists to the immediate problems facing worshippers in the country

To provide a chance to religious  tourists to exchange religious experiences with fellow worshippers in villages and homes.

To provide a chance to mid age and ageing religious tourists to have  relaxed  and morally acceptable tour programs